The Weather

The weather conditions are very different during the year. We respect the nature and weather and therefore we highly recommend to be ready for cold winter weather during the whole year!


Best Time to Trek Mt.Ararat
July 15th – September 15th
This is main season for trekking Mt.Aararat. Weather is good.
Best Time to Trek Mt.Ararat
July 15th – September 15th
This is most enjoyable time to trek Mt.Ararat. Weather is dry and warm.
Best Skiing Season
March – April
Those are best months to enjoy skiing. Mt.Ararat is full of snow.
Adventure Trekking  Season
May – June
Only for adventure characters! During those months is usually highest rain and hail. Recomended for beat and drum rain lovers 🙂
Bad Weather & Conditions for Trekking
October – February
We do not recommend to trek Mt.Ararat in this period. Weather is extremely bad and conditions are extremely hard & difficult to succeed the summit!

!!! IMPORTANT TO KNOW !!! Even if in Dogubayazit will be hot weather and you will enjoy warm & lovely trekking to camp 1 (at 3,200 masl) please do NOT forget that at camp 2 (at 4,200 masl), temperature will turn down and there will be extremely cold weather after sunset even in August!!! Be ready to wake-up at midnight or 1 AM for early breakfast (rather hot tea) and than at 1 or 2 AM start your summit trekking with your headlight. Do not forget to regularly DRINK!!! It can highly reduce symptoms of high level altitude sicknes. The last 400 meters are snow & ice covered year-round so trekking is most of the time requiring crampons (sometig even ice-axe). Wind can reach 70-80 km/hour or more on the summit, which will make weather bitterly cold even in August. We recommend to dress in layers to keep warm, to use water&wind proof jacket and especialy keep warm your hands!!!

We always recommend to double check weather forecast at least one or two days before trekking. There are plenty of websites that you can use. Our favourites:

Trekking to the summit of Mt.Ararat belongs to technicaly undemanding treks. This is non-technical trekking at 30 to 45 degrees. Most of the time is comparable with trekking to Mt.Kilimanjaro (5,895 masl/Tanzania) or Elbrus (5,642 masl/Russia). Even if summit of Mt.Ararat, at 5,137 masl, is lower than Mt.Kilimanjaro or Elbrus, you should be in very good physical fitness with very good heart and lung endurance as because of incline and cold weather (freezing & strong wind) trekking can really heard!

HIGH LEVEL ALTITUDE SICKNES is bothering most of climbers of Mt.Arart! Almost all people, including local guids, are having insomnia at camp 2 (at altitude 4,200 masl) and are not able to sleep during the night. Also you should be ready for strong headache and digestion difficulties (not all people are complainign about it!). So fingers cross for you!