Mount Ararat Skiing – 6 Days

DAY 1 : We meet at the airport in Van or Igdir, then transfer to Dogubayazit and stay overnight in a hotel.

DAY 2 : We transfer to Mount Ararat village ( Cevirme ) at 2000 meters and then we drive 200 meters more and start at 2200 meters.
We start to walk to the base camp at 2800 meters and camp there.

DAY 3 : We start to go up with skis for acclimatization. We reach to 3900-4000 meters by skis and ski down to base camp; stay the night there.

DAY 4 : We pack our equipments and start to move to the second camp on Ararat which is located at 3500 meters.
Stay there overnight and prepare ourselves for summit push.

DAY 5 : We start very early in the morning, at 2-3 a.m. to reach the summit with skies. We usually reach the top in 5-6 hours.
Ski down to the base camp.
We have lunch and then pack our equipments.
Start to go down to Cevirme village, where we will meet our driver, who will take us abck to the hotel.

Stay the night at the hotel.

DAY 6 : Transfer to airport.



Hotel accommodation in Dogubayazit

Professional licensed Trekking Guide

Ararat permit cost (50 euros)

Meals on the mountain

Cook service

All trekking hot meals

All soft hot drinks

All soft cold drinks

Horses and porters

Horses will carry your backpack and heavy stuff on Ararat mountain through all camps and back to the car meeting point at 2200 masl.

Transportation between Dogubeyazit and Mt Ararat

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