Mount Ararat + Mount Suphan Trekking – 8 Days

Day 1: We meet at the Airport in Van city, then we head on to the Akdamar island tour; arrival to Adilcevaz through Van Ercis and lodging in a guest house.

Day 2: Mt. Suphan Summit 4058 m. – Dogubeyazit
Arrival to the peak after an early breakfast (9-10 hours). Return through the same route. Return to Adilcevaz for lodging.

Day 3: Adilcevaz – Dogubeyazit
After breakfast, travel to Dogubeyazit through Van Ercis from Adilcevaz. Muradiye Waterfalls tour on the way, arrival to Dogubeyazit Simer Hotel and lodging. (4-5 hours). We’ll have the Ishak Pasa Palace and city tour in the afternoonn.

Day 4: Mt. Ararat 1st Camp 3200 masl  (Green camp)
Travel to Eli or Cevirme village by bus (to 2200 masl). Hike to the first camp (3200 masl). We will stay in tents and our luggage will be carried by horses (4-5 hours).

Day 5: Mt. Ararat 2nd Camp 4200 masl
Travel to the second camp from the first camp (3-4 hours). We lodge in tents; equipment will be transported by horses.

Day 6: Mt. Ararat Summit (5137 masl)
After having breakfast, travel and arrival to the peak (8-9 hours), then return to the second camp. Return to the first camp after packing. Lodging in tents. ( B L D )

Day 7 : Mt. Ararat 1. Camp – Dogubeyazit .
Travel to Dogubeyazit after breakfast. Arrival to Eli or Cevirme village at 2200 masl and transfer to Simer hotel. In the afternoon, we will go on a tour to visit Ishak Pasa Palace and around the city. ( B D )

Day 8: Dogubeyazit – Van – Istanbul
After breakfast, travel to Van Airport from Dogubeyazit. Arrival to Istanbul.

Hiking Shoes
Ice axe
Walking sticks
Water-proof clothes
Sleeping bag
Back pack

Lunches in the city
Permit for Ararat (70$)
Entrance to Van and Dogubeyazit Ruins

Transfers to/from Van
Meals in he mountains
Lodging and accomodation
Breakfast and dinner in the hotel
Camp equipments
Tents for two
First aid kit
Rope and other equipment to be used if needed

important: For permission to ascend Ararat Mountain, foreigners should apply 30 days ahead.

Mount Ararat + Mount Suphan Trekking - 8 Days
Mount Ararat + Mount Suphan Trekking - 8 Days