Mount Ararat + Mount Damawand (Iran) Trekking – 14 days

tinerary tour:
1Day I’am meating you in the Airport Tarhan transfer at hotel
2 DAY:Transfer to Mount Damavand overninght sleeping at base camp [1] tent or hut.
3DAY:Ascent to the Camp 2. 4200m. sleeping in tent.or hut.
4DAY:Acclimatization Climb to 4800m. then the return to Camp tent or hut.
5 DAY:Ascent to the top 5671meters and descent back to the Camp 2.8- 9 hours.Overninght sleeping at second camp.
6 DAY:4200m.renturn to back 3200m.with drivela man transfer to Hotel Tarhan
7DAY:Iranian cultural and historical tour, Tehran grand bazaar,
Golestan palace,Milan tower,dabent near in the Tochal Mountains overnight dinner amazing places,then to bakc hotel in the evening then with by bus 13 hours to transfer in the border Türkey..
Day 8- Türkey side with bus to transfer hotel relaxs day
Day 9-Transfer to Mt Ararat by car (2200m) and from this point
Trekking up (3200m) (Breakfast Lunch Dinner) Overnight stay at camp1.
Day 10- Trek up to the Ararat second camp at(4200m (Breakfast Lunch Dinner) Overnight stay in tent at camp2
Day11- Mt Ararat Summit day, Afterwards return back to the Base camp (3200m) (Breakfast Lunch Dinner) Overnight stay at camp1.
Day12- Breakfast and descent down to car point 2200m, Drive to Dogubeyazit ctiy, (Overnight stay in hotel)
Day13 – cultral tour in Doğubeyazıty to visit isak paşa places,
Noah’s Ark irania Border,meteor crater, then will back city Lunch then go Türkıhs bath suana,
Day 14: Morning Breakfast than Transfer to Airport
Mountain foods-Cook service
All mountain hot meals -All soft hot and cold drinks
Cooking materials
Sleeping Tents for camping
crampons for sümmit
Horses and porters service Ararat + Damavand
Horses will carrying your backpack- luggage and camping equipment on all camp.
Horses carrying back your backpacks, luggages till car point 
Mount Ararat Summit tour Certificate

in Mount Damavand from irania Mountains sümmit 5671m.
It’s from Mount Ararat from Türkey